PHOTO: Tess OShea

Tess O’Shea

Dietetics Lab Manager

Office: HBS G012B
Phone: 540-568-8921

Area of Responsibility

Monitors function and status of Dietetics Laboratory spaces including the dining room and all current equipment.

Maintains safe and sanitary conditions in laboratories and dining room per local Health Department regulations.

Provide safety training for students and other parties using both Quantity and Foods Laboratories.

Sets up laboratory equipment and supplies, cleans and stores equipment and supplies after laboratory sessions and supports faculty during instructional laboratory time.

Manages guest reservations, lists and payments for weekly Quantity luncheon, and delivers payments to Health Professions office in a timely manner.

Purchases all food supplies and products needed to support instructional labs.

Inventories all products for the purpose of working within the mandated budget requirements.

Works closely with Health Professions faculty to ensure that all materials are provided in a timely manner.

Works with local vendors to enlist the most cost effective method of purchasing supplies while being financially responsible for purchases made on behalf of the Dietetics program.

Appropriately manage all purchases and records required for reconciliation.